Adventure tours to Siberia — Клуб Adria

The first 5 sights lie down along the Chuya highway. The amazing road, that has a title one of the most beautiful roads in the world. This road has been paved along the route that hundreds years ago been the Northern part of The Great Silk Road. From the 3rd millennium BC caravans have been going from Tibet and China to the Altai and Mongolia area. Merchants transported Persian rugs, mirrors and jewellery there.
Our guide will tell stories and legends for you to be able to understand and feel the character of the places you’ll visit.
The tour is suitable for children and elderly people.

Kalbak-Tash — the open-air museum where thousands of rock-arts of ancient human;
multicolor mountain of the Kyzyl-Chin, named Martian;
the astonishing confluence of Chuya and Katun rivers;
the Geizer lake painting ornaments on its surface;
panorama of Kurai steppe and glacier mountains of the North-Chuya range;
panorama the Chulyshman river valley from the top of the Katu Yaruk pass;

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